With all the hullabaloo about deplaning seated passengers for any reason, I have my doubts we will every hear how this event gets settled. Mark will settle and we will never get a sniff of the result. If this ever happens to me I will resist and make them remove me while I loudly speak badly of their ancestors. Why NOT? Everyone from any Airline is going to lie about everything anyway. The Airline said he deplaned voluntarily sure he did ! And he sat in the jet way for a half hour voluntarily as well I suppose. Then a five hour wait for another flight.

Well i don't happen to agree with Mark Smith about much, but he has the airline over a barrel I believe. He will settle for a nice price and shut his mouth about it. It would be nice to know if that plane left the airport with that seat empty. That would be very telling, if the plane was full before they booted Mark off!!!!