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    Head Support

    I have a permobil F5 corpus and my head keeps drooping. it takes a lotof energy to hold my head up and it gets exhausting. I have sensory processing issues and have ahard time with changing things to feel different

    cananyone recommend a headrest that you like. i know that when i go to the clinic they will have a lot of opinions but i want something that is actually going to be comfortable andnot feel like nails on a chalkboard.

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    You need a support to keep your head from drooping to the side or forward? How do you control your chair (joy stick, head control, sip & puff, etc.)? I assume you have some type of motor neuron disease and not a SCI, correct?


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    I'd recommend finding a good occupational therapist who can make you a custom headrest. They can me molded and sculpted to meet your particular needs.

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