I had my surgery for augment and mitro almost 2 years ago and have had infections about every 2 months. I have treated about 6 times and recently as soon as I go off the antibiotic (cultured and usually take Bactrim) it comes back as no fever/chills, but very pussy urine at the beginning and end of cathing. I irrigate 2/day and started taking more vitamins and immunity building supplements. I had to go in to ER 3 times when I was fighting the infection, my bladder was in a spasm and got too full and I couldn't get the catheter in after trying 2 hrs.

My question is the dr said the infection (usually e coli) can be coming from inside since the augment material is from the bowel??? Her recommendation is to go on an everday antibiotic. I am not super sick, just more tired, some more neuro pain in general and more urgency.

Does anyone with this procedure deal with constant utis even after developing a VERY clean method? I am also using Microcyn to clean the stoma before I insert and am instilling 20 mm before I go to bed and once again during the day.
Help! I need to get this routine and my health under control. I am a very active para and am hoping to go on a 2 month mission out of the country next year and don't want to go if I am still unstable with the utis.


ps I know there are a couple long threads about augment and mitrofanoff, but I couldn't find my answers there.