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Thread: Those with augment & mitro?

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    Wanted to update as its been 2 years sonce my original post. I'm doing great and haven't had an infection I needed to treat since then. When I was experiencing all the uti's I was under extreme stress with a sudden divorce initiated by my husband , moving from Hawaii to Oregon and learning to manage everything on my own. I wasn't sleeping well, eating well and was suffering a lot of anxiety.

    Now I am following the same bladder/mitro care of
    1) cleanse area well with baby wipe and microcyn
    2) Lube, cath without touching the catheter by holding it with its packaging
    3) Before bed, Irrigate with 2 syringefuls (240 ml total) then instill 30 ml of microcyn
    4) If any early signs of infection, take 1500 mg D Mannose 3 times a day and if worsens (while still no other significant symptoms) instill microcyn 2-3 X/day

    The problem I am having now is scar tissue building up on the top of the stoma and its kinda hard to get through it. I have to wiggle the cathter as I push it in. the dr. said she couldn't trim it but would have to surgically redo it cutting down to the tissue receiving blood supply. I sounded like a big surgery and I admit I tuned out at that point as I almost died from infection after my last surgery. So I'm going to keep managing it as is for as long as I can.

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    Hi-a Mitrofanoff was a game changer for my daughter. When we had times that the cath was hard to get in we left a cath in the stoma all day and just capped it until we had to cath out. This really helped establish the entry. Another thing we noticed is the stiffness of the cath. If I irrigate I use a softer cath, a soft straight tip, sometimes that is a little harder to get in especially after she has been sleeping on her stomach for a few hours. I use a lot of lube and just go real slow with a little more force and it will clear what I think is built-up mucus. When my daughter caths she only uses a stiffer cath, the SpeediCath Compact, and never has a problem with the entry. Like I said, with the softer tip cath that only I use sometimes it is more difficult but never with the stiffer cath. Maybe you can give that a go and try keeping a cath in the stoma all day too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Vinegar is acetic acid and water. You can get diluted acetic acid as a preparation to use as a flush/cleanse. You should never use full strength acetic acid too strong and harsh.

    Agree that D-Mannose is effective as a preventative supplement to use if E Coli (only) present in urine C&S.

    what would be ratio ? and what about flushing with a sp ? if I read this rightThis information is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace the advice of your health care providers.If you have any questions, talk with your doctor or others on your health care team.Vinegar Bladder Irrigation Protocolpatient educationDIS09212/29/14For patients on intermittent catheterization with chronic bacteriuria and/or chronic bladder stones, irrigating the bladder with a dilute vinegar solution can be beneficial.The recommended concentration is 0.25% acetic acid. Most grocery stores carry white vinegar as a 5% solution. Therefore, to make appropriate bladder irrigations, it needs to be diluted at a ratio of roughly 20:1.To achieve this, see the chart below to determine what amount of 5% white vinegar solution you should mix with your normal bladder irrigation

    I could do this 2cc vinegar to 40 cc sterile water?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    If the Botox worked, then it shouldn't cause spasms- just the opposite, it should relax the bladder and no spasms. Seems like it didn't work. We are using a half sterile water , half acetic acid(vinegar) solution irrigtiong 2-3 times a day.
    Some say it helps. D- Mannose is good for E Coli and that is all.
    I use saline twice per day and Hydrocleanse once per day, but I too so have persistent problems with infection. I will probably try gentamicin instillation, but I've always wanted to try vinegar instillation. This is the first reference I've seen to proportions of water/vinegar to be used (50/50). It is certainly a lot less expensive than either. Does one irrigate with it or leave it in for any period of time, be it a couple of minutes to the next time one caths?

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