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Thread: Surgery to remove HO from hips

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    Surgery to remove HO from hips

    Hi, has anyone had surgery to remove HO? I have severe HO in my hips and am considering surgery. I would like to know what to expect, has it returned after surgery? If I have it done it will be at the Miami VA Hospital, Spinal Cord Unit. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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    For those who may not know, HO is the abbreviation for Heterotopic Ossification (abnormal growth of bone in the non-skeletal tissues including muscle, tendons, or other soft tissue. When HO develops, new bone grows at 3 times the normal rate resulting in jagged, painful joints).

    Try searching this forum. Here are a few threads:

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    Most doctors won't do this surgery on SCI pts unless really causing a problem as the chance of it returning is there. But if Miami VA has better experience then go for it if you need it.

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    Thank you SCI-Nurse, gjnl,
    I have a chronic wound on my sacrum that has been there for over three years. I recently moved from NJ to FL and now go to the Miami VA, when I met the Would Care Doctor she told me that no one has addressed what is causing the wound not to heal, my severe HO in the hips. Because om my HO I sit at a bad angle in my chair and it is putting constant pressure on my sacrum. That is why she recommended the surgery. I will meet with the Orthopedic Surgeon in April to discuss the surgery.



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    Riz...curious what came about. Thank you.
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    After breaking my legs four times in two years, the HO in my right hip doubled every time. Other people have told me after getting the calcium chipped out, it was like pruning a flowering plant, came back with a vengeance.

    Think surgery on HO is a last option.

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    If surgery is done for HO, it is critical to determine (through the use of serial bone scans) that the HO has "matured" or stopped being active prior to doing such surgery. Even then it is possible for there to be a rebound effect, where surgery makes the HO actually increase.


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