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Thread: A warning re. Oybutynin I spotted in today's press...

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    A warning re. Oybutynin I spotted in today's press...

    Bladder drug taken by thousands is linked to dementia: Doctors warn pills should no longer be used because they raise the risk by 54%

    • Use of bladder drug oxybutynin has risen 31 per cent in the five years
    • But evidence now suggests the drug's side effects include dementia
    • Doctors warned last night it should no longer be used because of the risks

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    This isn't really new news since the initial warnings go back about a year. I have two comments and one question...
    First, it increases the chance of differentia 54% but from what original chance? Does it go from 1 in 100 to 1.54 in 100?
    Second, I've avoided Botox injections because most clinical trials include Botox in their list of disqualifiers. I'm not in a trial but also don't want to inadvertently exclude myself. Finally, what other comparable drugs are available for bladder spasticity with larger molecules to prevent penetrating the brain blood barrier?
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    The concern is with any anticholinergic. Trospium can be used as it does not cross the blood brain barrier.
    Mirgabetron is also not included because it is not an anticholinergic.
    Even if you had Botox to bladder, it is not permanent but is the most effective in most people.
    However, if you really don't find it interferes with your lifestyle then not taking drugs/injections is good.

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    Yeah, I wish. I have enough bladder spasticity that I leak at any volume without an anti spasmodic, but urodynamics puts my pressures safe to 800 mL with oxybutynin. Guess it's time to ask the uro to try alternatives.
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    Myrbetriq is non-anticholinergic, no?

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    I guess I'll stick with it. None of the other drugs suppress AD for me.

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    I have been using this drug for 26 years. How long do you have to use it for the chances to go up? Since I have used it for such a long time can I really benefit by stopping at this point? It does a great job of course dementia is not something anyone wants as a trade off for anything. Of the ones that you mention CWO how do they compare to effectiveness of Oxybutynin?

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    trospium (Sanctura) is the safer alternative.

    As with everything, you balance your risks. And you keep the absolute risk in perspective.

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    I have used it for 33 years. Never knew it caused dementia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott C4/5 View Post
    Myrbetriq is non-anticholinergic, no?
    Yes, it is the mirabegron referred to by SCI nurse. It is an alpha 3 agonist or something like that. Really a novel class of drug as no one has targeted that receptor before.

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