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Thread: coating a straight cath

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    coating a straight cath

    What would be wrong with coating a straight catheter every once in awhile with an antibiotic such as triple antibiotic based with Vaseline? Aside from introducing bacteria, if done properly, it could be of some benefit to the urethra I would think.
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    Short doses of antibiotics only grows antibiotic-resistant bacteria. That would be akin to just taking oral antibiotics ever other day to try to keep infections away. You'd be harboring stuff that would be uber deadly.
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    Also, petroleum based antibiotic ointments such as triple antibiotic ointment are not designed to be applied to mucous membranes and can actual cause infections. Stick to only water-soluble lubricants such as KY or Surgilube.


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    Some lubricants used for cathing actually contain a bacteriostat that helps this. Surgilube does, I believe.

    Some people use hydrophilic catheters and "activate" them with Hydrocleanse/microcyn instead of the sterile water packet contained in the catheter.

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