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    home intercoms

    Does anybody have any recommendations for intercoms that you can use to beep someone in another room from the bedside? I was using the RadioShack system for years and it worked well, but the units are not very durable and tend to break after a number of years. In addition, RadioShack does not make them anymore and is pretty much going out of business.

    I'm became aware of the MURS system. There aren't very many others out there that have a call button. This one does. Most, if not all, of voice functions and voice-activated functions.

    I don't need these. At night when I need to be turned or need assistance I just reach over and hit the button and the caregiver upstairs comes down to help me.

    Here's the MURS system.

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    Not an intercom, just a bell, but my dad mounted a wireless doorbell unit on my mom's overbed table and she could push the button to ring the doorbell unit which was located in her live-in PCA's bedroom. Worked great, and was invaluable esp. after my dad's death.

    We tried a baby monitor, but my mother's snoring kept the PCA awake!


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    We also tried an intercom system and found it clunky and not durable.

    So instead, my father bought some inexpensive cordless phones at Costco (like 4 or 6 came in a box) and places them throughout his house in the rooms/areas where he spends the most time and others are likely to be. Each one has a "number" and he can pick up a phone and call down to where others are. Works pretty well. He keeps a phone in each bathroom, one in the basement (in case someone is helping him with laundry down there, he can easily reach them) etc...

    He also keeps his cell phone with him at all times. In theory.

    He also got a couple Amazon echo/dot devices, but was disappointed they couldn't be used for intercom purposes. Maybe someday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hlh View Post
    He also got a couple Amazon echo/dot devices, but was disappointed they couldn't be used for intercom purposes. Maybe someday.
    That is sort of irritating. I looked at the alexa 3rd party developer kit and there is no API to find other devices on an amazon account. It seems like it would be an easy thing for them to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by t8burst View Post
    What about this?

    It is only 40 bucks.
    this is an interesting and looks like it could work.

    I need something I can reach in the dark and just whack to call someone.

    As an added tip, which has proven invaluable, I take the little stick on rubber bumper dots used to pad corners of the cabinet from slamming shut and place it over the call button. This way in the dark you only need to feel for the area of raised surface and you know you are pressing in the right place. Most of the call buttons are flush and it is impossible to see it in the dark or hit it from certain angles if you're lying on your side.

    Thank you for those tips.

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    what about this. Should be easy to have any button wired if the TALK button is not adequate.

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    I have an Amazon Echo Dot and have also been looking for a nurse call to go with it. I think I found a pretty good workaround. I used an old X10 chime module and plugged it into one of my new TP-link switches. I remembered that the X10 chime module goes off whenever you plug it into an outlet, and then only works when you send a command to it. Now all I do is ask Alexa to turn on the TP switch and the chime works! I have to remember to also turn off the TP-Link switch so the chime will work again when turned back on. In other words, I'm fooling the chime thinking it's simply being plugged in and plugged out of wall socket. I called the chime "Call Chime" in the TP Kasa app and searched for new devices in the Alexa app. You can get one of these X10 chimes at Amazon:

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