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Thread: Wow what they are doing in hong kong????????????

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    Wow what they are doing in hong kong????????????

    Just a sight i came across making out some type of success

    do's anyone know of this place?

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    Looks like this is based on Suzy Harkem's work at Louisville because they have links to it, but that does not mean there is collaboration between the two.
    Website does not give the name of the neurosurgeon from Thailand who performs the procedure, why?
    They have not done clinical trials.
    They rely on patient testimonies to prove their results.

    They seem to be pretty upfront in general, but i'm still skeptical.

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    That's exactly what it is Jim. I've communicated with one of their patients who had the stimulator and stem cells treatment in Thailand a fair bit. He's on Facebook and posts updates regularly. AFAIK the stem cells stuff is fluff (no results) and the epidural stim just copies Suzy's stuff. So if you want to plunk down $80k to be able to (maybe) stand, unassisted, in parallel bars, this is a viable option. I'd wager you'll be able to do similarly, but without surgery and for less money, if you wait on the transcutaneous stim from NRT.
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