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Thread: Mattress question

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    I personally purchased this one from amazon ( Purple also sells one (, but they were out of stock when I bought the mattress.

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    I've had my Purple mattress for a week now and will be returning it. It's quite comfortable, but too soft to suit my needs in transfers and rolling. I'll go back to some sort of firm air bed with a foam topper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davey View Post
    I just switched from a Sleep Number to a Purple mattress. Best thing I ever did.
    I am looking into the Purple mattress. The grid design is great for skin because it's mostly air with minimal contact and heat. But the downside may be that it may be hard to move on because your fist would tend to sink into the mattress as you are trying to push yourself up.

    The portion of this video at 2:00 illustrates this point.


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    I know the thread already discusses transfer and motion on the Purple mattress. But it seems like there are opposing opinions. For the people who like it, how do you transfer, turn, and move? Doesn't your fist sink in rather than push off the surface?

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