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Thread: Mattress question

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    The span America pressure guard CFT has a firm border on both sides of the mattress facilitate safe sitting at the edge of the mattress and transferring. It's a nice feature, as some mattresses collapse at the edge and make an unstable to sit with your legs off the mattress on the floor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Unfortunately SpanAmerica no longer makes their TurnSelect mattress, but a close replacement is this their APM2:

    I was in the search for a new bed for years. I landed on the SpanAmerica APM2 mattress because I wanted the ability to have a mattress with alternating pressure. The ability to turn was also nice!

    The only thing that I don't like is that the bed NEEDS to be on or it's worse than a regular mattress. The chambers deflate significantly. I'm not sure how my skin would do overnight with the bed off, so the potential of a power outage is a little worrisome.

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    The Purple mattress on you tube sure didn't look easy to transfer by myself. You can push with 1 hand and bottom out easy. I have never tried one. Have been on a air mattress in the hospital and could not get out of it unless the had the bars on top of the bed. I was a real strong para back about 30 years ago when I used it. I tried but my hands sunk in soo far there was no more room for me get above the bed to my chair.

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    I hate those air mattress they make me so cold. Do they come with a warm air package?

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    I own an air mattresses and don't like it because you can sink in without it pushing back. The result is poor body alignment. A conventional mattress has springs which push back. Foam itself has some spring to it. But not air. I suppose if your body weight is evenly distributed you can get away with an air mattress. But if your shoulders are much heavier than your hips, then you're likely to be disappointed with the lack of even support. I am looking to replace the air bladder with foam. Or else, just get a new mattress.

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    we have a transfermaster bed and it is awesome. split bed so my wife has a normal mattress and I have a pressure alternating one

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davey View Post
    Hi IG,

    I've used a Sleep Number bed for about 20 years. At first I thought it was great. After a while, the sides began to stretch which made sitting and transferring more difficult than it should be. I'm sure the sides on your Sleep Number are also droopy. I considered buying another one recently, but after seeing that the demo unit that was in the showroom had the same issue I said forget it. I updated the topper with a 3" memory foam top when the mattress started causing shoulder pain, but it didn't really help that much. Also due to the way the Sleep Number inflates/deflates and the fact that I spend most of my time sleeping on my side, I think it's contributed to the small curvature/scoliosis that's in my back now. Many people on this site disagree with me, but I can only share *my* experiences. Here's a video that demonstrates what I'm seeing (around the 50 second mark):

    For the past year I've only been able to sleep in my Sleep Number bed for at most ~5 hours. I wake up with extreme shoulder pain and sweating. I then transfer into my power chair and sleep another few hours tilted back. I just received the Purple mattress a few days ago and it was the first time in a long time that I was able to sleep 10 hours and wake up with no shoulder pain. I bought it on a fluke since I could return it for a full refund after 30 days. Of course YMMV, but I've been very happy so far.

    - David
    Dave how do you get out of the mattress. The video I watch was the ghost bed vs the purple. I would buy the ghost bed over the purple anyday. The purple towards the side really sinks fast when you sit up and trying to use your arms to get out would really be hard. My regular mattress with the 4 inches of foam is hard enough to transfer to my chair cause I sink in so much my butt barely drags the top of my comforter. Any accident and them cells on the purple gona fill up fast then what you do? Guess you would have to cut the top off to clean it then put something else over it. I guess those cells would keep from wrecking the whole bed though. Warranty on them would be gone anyway with people like use. A lot of people say they break down a lot after a year. Then after you cut the cover off what a mess with all that white powder they use to keep all those cells from sticking together. I don't think the purple is the answer for SCI folks myself.

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    Ghostbed Vs. Purple Mattress - Side by Side Comparison

    This is the video I saw on You Tube

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    I find the Purple mattress very supportive and easy to transfer on/off. It's waaaay easier to sit on the side of the Purple compared to my Sleep Number. BTW, I'm 6'1" and 275 lbs. It may not work for everyone, but it's working great for me. As for any accidents, they suggest, and I use a water-proof mattress protector. I assume that most any mattress used by SCI folks would benefit from a mattress protector. If an accident does happen, I wouldn't suggest cutting *any* mattress open since it would probably be a "mess" no matter what mattress you choose. Personally, I don't go cutting open mattresses. I understand that you may disagree about how well this bed works for SCI folks, but I am actually using one with great success. I have nothing to gain. I just wanted to share my actual real-life experiences. I wish you the best in whatever mattress you choose.

    - David

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    Thanks David. Just looking around. Were did you buy the mattress protector? The ones I have bought at stores crack and you don't know it until its to late.

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