Looking for some advice before I get overly excited here: my father was injured in early June 2016, and was initially classified as C5 B before progressing to C7 B, with some voluntary C8 function. Notably, while touch sensation was preserved right down as far as S5, pin prick sensation was initially limited to C7 and subsequently returned as far as T3.

Just an hour ago, he regained voluntary movement the toes of his left foot. They only move a couple of centimetres - it's not like he can fully clench them or anything - but he can move them entirely voluntarily, on command, as many times as you ask him to. He's actually having a bit of fun showing off to us
This is the first time since his injury that he has displayed ANY voluntary movement below C8, and as you can imagine myself along with the rest of our family are ecstatic.

Just wondering, what can this mean? Does it mean that he's not as final a case as his doctors have led us to believe, or is there - as I've sadly come to expect, particularly with so pessimistic a consultant - an explanation for this which means that it's nothing significant? What about the rather strange aspect that he doesn't (that ice yet heard, he's just gone to sleep now so we'll ask in the morning) have any new movement ABOVE this level and below his injury? Should we investigate getting FES or other therapies below his injury level, which had previously been written off by his medical team on the grounds that recovery is impossible?

Essentially, is this a game changer for us of any kind or is it just an insignificant thing? I'm very conscious that the movement is only slight, nowhere near full ROM - but then again, so was his finger movement the first time he moved his fingers after injury and now he more or less has fully functional use of his left hand back, with his right hand catching up slowly as the weeks go by.

any thoughts or advice here would be massively appreciated!