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Thread: Does tread pattern direction matter?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pacrossbow View Post
    Putting the wheels on left or right will still wear the same inside spot.
    That isn't an issue with zero camber. I used to have camber but not any more because it's more valuable to get through narrow doorways than to turn faster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stephen212 View Post
    At the tortoise-like speeds we travel I don't think thread direction is all that meaningful.
    I agree, I thought the purpose of tread is to disperse water and prevent aquaplaning? And wheelchair tyres have such a low contact area that I doubt they trap much water.
    I'm also dubious how much grip tread provides on wet muddy surfaces because in my experience the tread just clogs up with mud and effectively becomes slicks.
    I imagine knobbly tyres are a totally different kettle of fish as it's not so easy for the tread to become clogged? But I've never used them but I'm purely a city slicker as far as wheelchairing goes

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    THanks for bringing this up. I have been wondering about it.
    Partner of an incredible stroke survivor. Limitations: hemiparesis and neglect (functional paralysis and complete lack of awareness on one side). Equipment: TiLite ZRA 2 and 2GX, Spinergy ZX-1, RioMobility Firefly. Knowledge: relative newbie for high-level equipment (2012), but willing to try to help others who are new with similar limitations (definitely not a guru, but inquisitive).

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    "Does Tread Pattern Direction Matter?"

    Only over 60 miles per hour.
    69yo male T12 complete since 1995
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    Quote Originally Posted by pfcs49 View Post
    "Does Tread Pattern Direction Matter?"

    Only over 60 miles per hour.
    Better fix mine then.
    I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.

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    I really like Schwalbe Airborne 1.2 "wide Nice compromise between MP at 1" and the old lumberwafon 1 3/8's i used before i realized that resistance and weight wear on shoulders. My only fear is that they will quit making them because A. they last a long long time and. I don't think too many people use them. Not sure why it went bold on me tech savvy i am not.

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    The last set of Schwalbe MPs that I got were really difficult to put on. I had to use a zip tie to hold the tire on the rim in order to get them to seat properly. Now I've got a broken spox and I'm reluctant to change it.
    T12 Complete since 1982. TiLite Tx

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