I am beyond mad. moved to florida finally get a dr. get paper work for taxes 1 dr puts quad my gp dr put para. I go back explan I an a quad not a para ok county takes it anyway

trying to get smart drive paid for by medicare 3 months for te to get office notes and letter of neccestiy we are at pt dam if they have it written I am a para so I call dr office

well dr dinus says that ypu use your hands and arms so you can not be a quad . I lost it I told them they needed to look at c8c7c6 then come back

dr don/t care I see you using your hand so you are a para I have shepards getting my record and my old dr

yes if I could find another dr with out driving to tallashasse I would I an=m so fu..... mad 3 dam months wasted I ask them why they not get medical record I filled out forms said no dr on them I told them bullshit I had filled out the paperwork
and had address