I'm ok, just a sucky situation. for now my coughing i've been able to keep it at bay on my own, just scary when i get congested and can't cough, if i go to the er they won't help me cough either. they try a couple times but they have no clue what they're doing.my family is 20 minutes away so i don't want to move farther away from them. my folks might move in a year to north carolina area and will try to find someplace near them to live. I lived home for several years after injury but couldn't get enough help to stay home. been in this place 14 years. I'm 39. idk what to do, i'm stuck, we looked into everything in a 50 mile radius and this is the nicest facility by far so if i'm having trouble sometimes here i can't imagine being in those other places. Tim thanks for the offer, i appreciate it. you think somewhere there would be a quad only long term care facility.