I been living in a nursing home with elderly for almost 15 years, They can't care for me the way I need, for example they will not help me cough, they said they don't do respiratory and if i need respitory I need to find a different nursing home. only nursing home near me with that will do respitory is a county run place that is a dump. I hardly ever get stretched and bowl care is terrible. every shift pushes me to the next shift. Is there anywhere in this country that has a nice facility with good care geared towards younger spinal cord injured population. They have me on the wing with the residents that are with the least amount of time left. you can't have a conversation with any of them. I can't take much more and with no help coughing which has been getting worse its only a matter of time before i get pneumonia and or end up in the county nursing home. There has to be someplace for long term care for quads.