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Thread: TiLite TR Fork caster required

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    TiLite TR Fork caster required


    I lost my fork caster, while carrying on my bike. It fell down, strange didn't understand how. I tried other fork, it was very very hard to remove.

    please suggest me what I can do to find suitable fork for my wheelchair.

    My wheelchair model : TiLite TR


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    FrogLegs is the brand you have. They are kept in place with a set screw, which must have come loose
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    Thanks Chas,

    I asked dealer for forks, he asked to me to check the frame, before buying new forks. attached photo. do you see anything wrong?

    will it suit to my wheelchair?


    Quote Originally Posted by chasmengr View Post
    FrogLegs is the brand you have. They are kept in place with a set screw, which must have come loose

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    Thank you very much Chas.

    I checked with dealer, he asked check the frame status before buying the forks. would be great if you could help to me check frame status or having issues. not sure this image is enough to analyze. or is there anything I should do before buying the new one?

    if my frame is ok, then i am planning to buy below forks. will it suit?


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