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Thread: Bladder/Bowel Care Question

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    I used to try this kind of thing for a while before it stopped working. But intermittent cathing is a lot easier actually.

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    I am not saying don't wash your hands I am just going to tell you if you want to save time use gloves. To have a chance of getting your hand/finger clean you are going to need to scrub a lot longer if you didn't use a glove. And why add risk to your life. I don't really have knowledge about the other part of your post other than to say I am T7/8 complete and I can get on the toilet bend over grab my ankles and push and pee some but would have no way to know if I was emptying my bladder so I cath and cathing is faster than transfering and voiding bladder some other way. If I could feel it I might not want to cath.

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    Even if i use gloves I still will have to wash my hands. Carrying gloves wherever I go seems inconvenient. Wearing them does not mean i still won't wash my hands thoroughly afterwards.

    As for cathing, my injury is such that I can void on my own. It's a matter of speeding the process up with the finger method. Someone please tell me I am not a freak for doing this.

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    I used this method to void my bladder for years. I believe it is called "valsalva". It worked well for many years. As long as you massage your sphincter to help relax it, you shouldn't have any issues.
    No, digital stimulation is not the same as Valsalva, but may be combined with it for voiding in someone who does reflex voiding like this. Valsalva is bearing down by closing your glottis (in your throat) and straining, as in having a bowel movement. It increases intra-abdominal pressure, which for some, can help push urine out of the bladder down the urethra.

    Digital stim is a very old method used for trying to relax the external urinary sphincter, which is actually part of the same pubo-coccygeal muscle that creates the anal sphincter. It is striated muscle, so may be fatigued (and caused to relax) by stretching. This is how it is used for allowing a bowel movement to occur. Downside of doing this on a regular basis is that is can cause AD for some, and will almost always result in some pretty significant hemorrhoids over time. Of course it can also lead to a bowel movement so you have to be prepared for this when using this technique. Tamsulosin and Tolterodine are meds that are supposed to relax the INTERNAL bladder sphincter (smooth muscle), but don't do a lot to relax the external one.

    I would also want to know when you last had urodynamics to determine how high your bladder pressures are, if they are in the safe range, and if the dose of Detrol you are on is sufficient. The usual dose is 2mg. twice daily for people with neurogenic bladder.


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