I'm starting to do some volunteer work and getting out almost everyday. I'm friends with the recreational therapist over here at Barrows neurological Institute rehab And runs The Barrow connection. She hooks me up with all sorts of fun stuff to do and usually pulls strings to get me deals to do stuff since she knows I can't afford much. A couple weeks ago I got to go to Flagstaff to go snow skiing. What a trip. It was SO MUCH FUN! I got a lesson on the bunny slope on how to turn and help regulate my speed. It was pretty cool. They had to strip my hands together so I didn't reach out and grind my hands up in the snow. To turn the ski I just had to lean my head side to side. Last May I went jet skiing and waterskiing with a group of other wheelchair users. Another thing that was so much fun, especially the waterskiing. All I had to do to qualify for that is be able to hold my breath for 10 seconds. Piece of cake. Six or seven years ago a group of SCI went on a retreat up in the mountains here in Arizona for a few days. Talk about a blast. Up there we got to work with a lot of animals. This donkey and I got along really well. You know us asses have to stick together. They are bringing the back this year for the first time in like six years I think. In November they do this thing out here called Driving to Excel at Bondurant school for high-performance driving where they take us and put us in the passenger seat of racecars. I send them top out at 120 mph pulling turns at 60 or 70 mph. I love the cranking from side to side. A couple times a year they do the rugby tournaments here so I get to hang out with some of the rugby guys. I'm thinking of getting in the power soccer myself. I'm not quite strong enough to play rugby. So what do you guys do?