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Thread: Inexpensive syringesj for flushing suprapubic catheter

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    Inexpensive syringesj for flushing suprapubic catheter

    does have a source for these?

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    You can re-use a catheter-tipped 60 cc. piston irrigation syringe. We recommend washing between uses in a dishwasher (separated into two parts) for the higher temperatures you can achieve there (without boiling, which will ruin one of these). Here are some examples:


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    I get mine for about a dollar apiece and use them for one week, after which time I discard them. I separate the parts and rinse them out and let them air dry during the day.

    I get them from express medical.

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    get them from whoever you get your uro supplies through, ins covers them. rep
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    Not all insurance covers these. Those in the list I posted above cost less than $0.70 each.


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