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Thread: The new RIC in Chicago

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    The new RIC in Chicago

    This is the new state of the art facility that is replacing RIC. I have a friend who attended the pre-opening and said it is amazing.

    By Lisa Schencker

    Chicago Tribune

    A lone medical researcher hunches over her work in a quiet lab.

    Meanwhile, down the street, doctors bounce from patient to patient in a hospital filled with noise and activity.

    A new $550 million Chicago hospital will merge those scenes in hopes of bringing discoveries to patients sooner. Scientists, physicians and patients will work together at the new Shirley Ryan AbilityLab in Streeterville, set to open to patients March 25. The new facility will replace the old nonprofit Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago building on East Superior Street, renaming the institute in the process. The new facility, like the old one, will serve patients with complex conditions who still need care and rehab services after they leave traditional hospitals.

    The new 1.2-million-square-foot facility, a big part of RIC's rebranding as AbilityLab, will open with 242 beds and could offer as many as 360 in the future ? up from 182 now. The current facility has to turn away about 600 to 700 patients a year due to lack of space, said Dr. Joanne Smith, president and CEO of the AbilityLab.


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    My friends who work there are so excited about moving into this new building. I was there in grad school in the early 1980s and would also love to see the new building.

    Here is a video "fly through" of the design. Would be interesting to see how close the real thing turned out compared to the design. Notice that all patient rooms are singles now.

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    It is quite an pretentious edifice....must have cost a bundle!

    Just for starters, one frame in the "fly through" caught my eye in particular (see below). If the interior designer uses the chairs rendered in the video, they cost about $5,600 a copy, Platner Lounge Chairs by Knoll International.

    The other thing I noticed was the amount of seating that was rendered in the patient rooms. Looked like many hotel rooms that I go into and have to ask them to remove furniture so I can move around the room.

    My father used to say, "To do good work, you have to have good tools." I hope a lot of good work comes out of this monumental construction.
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    The old building which was new when I checked in (September 1980) was then state of the art. I do remember not much in the way of cure was either worked on or discussed at that time. I hope this new facility will make some progress toward that goal.

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    Here is an article written in November 2012 (wondering about the final total as of 2017 opening):

    The estimated cost of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago's new tower in Streeterville has shot up more than 10 percent since January, to nearly $523 million, as hospital executives fine-tune their plans.

    The price tag of the proposed 27-story structure at 630 N. McClurg Court has increased from roughly $462 million 10 months ago, according to an application filed on Wednesday with a state regulatory board. To finance the project, RIC has raised nearly half of its goal of $300 million in donations.

    The cost of the new building has climbed even though RIC, whose CEO is Joanne Smith, has scaled back capacity to 242 beds, from 272 beds proposed earlier, the new application said. Despite that, the size of the new building has increased to 859,000 square feet, up from about 690,000 square feet previously proposed.

    The application, which was approved in April, contained rough details about the project, including an estimate that the building would cost $330 million for hard construction expenses and an additional 40 percent, or $132 million, for services such as architects and engineers, for a total of $462 million.

    RIC plans to fund the replacement hospital with a combination of $61.4 million in cash, $147.5 million in new debt, $13.8 million in leases and $300 million in gifts and bequests. The hospital has raised $141 million against the fundraising goal.

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    Now I know where that ~$425.00 billed by RIC for a simple doctor visit to renew the supply Rx went!

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    Wow, I relearned to walk with a walker there in late 1993. I loved gazing at the lake, but new facility won't have that as much, They saved my life......

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    Here is a short video showing some of the new building. Patients will be moved there from RIC on 3/24/17:


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