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Thread: Check out this new lift design.

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    FeFiFoFum did it ever cross your mind to go back to college or university an earn a degree or two to earn a high paying job or salary? Every year, millions of dollars for people with disabilities can go to college or university for FREE. Yes for FREE and not pay it back. Every year millions of those dollars go unspent.

    When you have a job the Bureau of Vocational of Rehabilitation in your state will pick up the expenses for vehicle modifications such as lifts, power seat base, hand controls and remote starter so you can have a motor vehicle to keep you employed. If your vehicle needs additional modifications BVR will pick up those expenses too.

    I have been informed that type of lift is available in the United States of America.

    You are assuming a whole awful lot about someone you don't know and have no knowledge of the extent of their disability. Have you considered I did go to college and did work but am no longer able to because I have a disability that goes beyond paraplegia? Needless to say's not possible for everyone and you need to watch about what you are assuming about others when you don't know them

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    Good advice is well received if it is delivered correctly

    Back on topic. It is a logical innovation and as designed has a small footprint and weight.
    What are the costs involved and who has the agency?
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    I noticed the user got on the lift backwards, which indicates it probably is to narrow to do the turn going forward, with feet in the way. Similarly, I would guess many power chairs would have a difficult time making that turn on a narrow platform. The exception might be some RWD chairs getting on backwards. But, the still might not be possible, since most chairs have some anti-tip rollers/casters sticking out the back, eating into their turning radius. For instance, if I back up right to a wall and turn, I end up 3-4 inches away from the wall. However, if the lift is over 30 inches wide then it's probably fine. And, if it is 36 inches, you can probably get on it with most chairs, forward or backward.

    These videos make it seem quite narrow.

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    Here's the brochure. At 26.77 inches wide, that is probably too narrow for most power chairs without some back and forth action.
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    Maybe this is complicating things..
    Perhaps a turntable could be integrated? It would lessen the amount of maneuvering and minimise the risk of overshooting.

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