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Thread: What bed?

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    What bed?

    Hello I'm C3-C4 incomplete I have been using a hospital bed and it's crap I hate my bed so this bed is worth getting?

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    Moved from a very old thread (2004) which discussed a number of different beds or mattresses. It would help if you would say which bed or mattress you are referring to. (and including your injury level in your profile would be a big help in any future posts).


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    Our insurance or DME pretty much picked bed itself. Doctor did Rx for functions. IMHO Most all hospital beds are about the same as far as construction, the big difference seems to be what functions you need. Mine is full electric: the standard powered head/foot but also height because I can do transfers now on my own with trapeze and DME was kind cause I think usually problem with coverage for full electric due idea of powered height adjustment is a luxury. But, it helps alot depending on your function level with ADL's with transfers to powerchair, bathchair and etc. Plus a big advantage again IMHO be able to be independant in your care.

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    Keep in mind that we are talking about two different pieces of equipment: a bed frame, and a mattress. Lots of hospital bed frames don't come with a pressure reducing mattress. Most pressure reducing mattresses don't come with a specific bed frame. When looking at bed frames, you need to consider only full electric so that you can put the head up (in case you get AD, for example) and ideally elevate the legs as well to manage edema. A power high/low feature makes care from a caregiver much easier and safer for them, but depending upon how you transfer, you also need to look at the minimum floor to deck height that can be achieved.

    For mattresses, we need more information about you to determine what to recommend. Can you turn yourself? Is there someone available to turn you during the night? Have you had or do you have now any pressure ulcers? How old are you (more risk for skin breakdown the older you get)? Do you want a powered mattress or a static mattress? Do you frequently have power outages? Do you need a mattress that will turn you? How much do you want to pay for a mattress??


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