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    hey all im just wondering how everyone came about sitting on the cushion you have now? from being sent home from hospital 6 years ago almost ive only used a roho high profile cushion, i dont have many issues with the cushion but it got me thinking how come other people can just use a piece of sponge and get away with it? did you trial lots of other cushions before you got to the one you have now? thanks

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    Ideally, a cushion should be fit to you using computerized interface pressure evaluation, by a therapist who has access to several types of cushions to do the evaluation. Rarely is just a "sponge" sufficient if the person has loss of sensation, muscle atrophy, and paralysis. Your cushion needs can also change with time, esp. if you have atrophy of the buttocks muscles or have lost or gained a lot of weight. For some people, a Roho is best, but that is certainly not true for a lot of others.


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    I'm on cushions (Stimulite Contour Select XS and Roho Quattro Contour) based on a seating evaluation at Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center (in Virginia).
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    The DME and therapist picked it for me. They are both know their stuff so it was one and done. Foam base with roho bladder in the middle.
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    I ditched my foam cushion to an air cushion. I have a ROHO nexus spirit. It's got inflatable air cells.

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    After some surgery on rear the surgeon did a Rx for ROHO Quadtro. The Quadtro so adjust for seating alignment and it really helped relieve pressure to surgery area so sit more, too. One chair the DME ordered just a single compartment and noticed difference really quickly and they replaced with Quadtro.

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    thanks i just wondered, i did get pressure mapped but not with alot of different cushions, it was just mapped on the roho and thats it :/

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    There is no way to tell if the Roho was the best cushion for you using a computerized sitting evaluation without also testing you on other cushions and comparing the results.


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    I started out with a roho that my doc recomended and when i got my new chair the therapist ordered it with a jayx2 with the gel insert.

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