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Thread: Need a Hill Rom Clinitron at Home bed

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    Need a Hill Rom Clinitron at Home bed

    Hi, I'm a 59 year old SCI quadriplegic with a pressure ulcer on my sacrum. I need a Hill Rom Clinitron at Home bed ASAP. It doesn't matter if it is the adjustable height with casters or the standard type. I rented before but Hill Rom no longer does that.

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    Suggest you look at some other companies. The Aurora HydroAir is an air-fluidized bed (not a hybrid like the Clinitron-at-Home) that can be set up in a home setting.


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    Stvchris, Even though Hill-Rom does not provide in home beds anymore you can still get a Clinitron. Call Star Medical (610-554-3367). They have filled the void left by Hill-Rom. They rent and service the Clinitron. They also can provide many of the other air-fluidized beds. They have wound care specialists who can evaluate your situation and help you get the best product for your needs. I don't know what stage your sore is but I would also recommend having it evaluated by a plastic surgeon so they can monitor your situation and make the proper recommendations to your insurance provider so you get financial coverage. In the mean time try to stay off of it as much as possible and try and increase your protein intake. That should aid in the healing process. Good luck.

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    I have one its the adjustable head phn#4798476080

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    Hi, where are you located and could you give me a call? 608 251-5731

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