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Thread: Weight reduction tips for wheelchair users

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    Before my injury I was 6'4" and 170 lbs (36 year old). When NL and I got married, I was 24 years old, 6'4" and 150 lbs. I have a light bone structure, and NL is/was an excellent cook.

    Measure of my height while lying down seems to indicate some compression from 6'4" to 6'3"

    Yes, I am thin. I eat just about whatever I want to eat and supplement my regular diet with Ensure/Boost. That is why I stated, you can't deny metabolism.

    That said, by my nature, I just don't eat or crave large quantities of any foods. I, for whatever reason, naturally eat within moderation and portion control.

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    Weight management program specifically designed for individuals with spinal cord impairments.

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    before I was 5 4 wt about 118 fit as very active horses farm rodeo now I think I wt about 134 I do know I have lost 7 inches in hips I got a little chucky I eat about 1000 cal a day exercise on 500 cal on this thoing on my desk roll about 3/4 miles a day idf weather decent and its hard as hell 65yrs

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