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Thread: Help with hand controls

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    Good point Nurse. Slowing down helps too. Racing seats have extra side support for able bodied drivers.
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    SCI-nurse is right and electronic stuff is more apt to break down and more expensive/difficult to fix. Simple mechanical linkage is dependable.

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    The question is, you want the DARIOS electronic gas ring because it looks better than other hand controls (even though you will have to use a push brake)?

    That is the conclusion I have come to from your post.

    Have you tried to think about parking with one hand on the brake and the other steering/controlling gas without a steering knob?

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    Quote Originally Posted by funklab View Post
    if you drove before your injury you don't need a driving school (unless required by law I guess). In rehab my driving training began by the instructor telling me to pull out of the garage into downtown Atlanta rush hour traffic. I guess they figured if we survived that meant I passed. It wasn't difficult.
    ah shepherd then straight to 75 85 right down town

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    I?ve had Monarch hand controls for thirty years and they become as natural as using your feet for the gas and break. The first time I drove with them was the day I had them installed, I had to drive forty miles home. By the time I got home it was automatic but the first ten miles were a little unnerving.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vjls View Post
    ah shepherd then straight to 75 85 right down town
    Lol, sounds like you've been there. My instructions were literally like this:

    "Push forward for the brake, push down for the gas. Okay it's 4:45, go ahead and turn onto Peachtree Street."

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    I though the same thing about how natural it feels but I use push rock and it's become just as natural as using your feet and cost way less I wouldn't and didn't pay for that system it's cool but not that cool and everything electric just cause for possible problems I mean what if it stops working and u can't go or stop? Push pull is simple attaches to peddles and likely not to fail

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