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    I am new to this forum. My sister has a SCI since 2011. She came home with a Hilrom clinitron bed and they informed us that after this year they will no longer have parts for the home clinitron bed. We are in the process of looking into beds. There are two beds that were recommended, the Hilrom p500 Microclimate mattress with the Advantage 2 bed and the Sidewise 35" Immerse Mattress and Evolution bed frame. Does anyone have either of these beds and if so are you happy with theme. Or, is there a bed/mattress you recommend to prevent skin breakdown? My sister has nurses 24 hours and with the clinitron they do not have to turn her at night which is helpful since she is on a vent at night. We have been really lucky and she hasn't had any wounds. She is out of bed every day. I would love feedback. thanks

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    Cathyw, I'm a 46 year old C7 complete 23 post injury. I am sympathetic to your plight. I went through the same thing with the Clinitron. If it's working well for her and it's what she needs, don't give it up just because of Hill-Rom. Call Star Medical (610-554-3367). They are the only ones left in the US that supply and maintenance the Clinitron. That is who I use to take care of the one I have. They will do whatever you need in order to make sure your sister gets and keeps what she needs. If its and insurance coverage issue, they will work with you on that as well. If that becomes an issue let me know. I run a non-profit organization that helps people in this situation get and keep these beds to make sure sores don't become an issue. I've been battling sores for almost 10 years and have had three flap surgeries and getting and keeping a Clinitron has always been my greatest challenge and downfall. I am trying to help others not have to go through that ordeal. We have enough to worry about without not having access to the proper equipment. Good luck. I hope everything works out.

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    The Clinitron is not really designed for preventive skin care, but as a treatment surface. There are some real downsides of air-fluidized therapy, including increased risk of hip flexion contractures, and dehydration (insensible fluid loss can be over 1000 ml. daily), much less the heat generation, plus the risk for bottoming out if elevating the head with wedges, etc. Difficult to do any in-bed ADLs as well.

    Turns should still be done on an air-fluidized is important for lungs, kidneys, etc. as well as for skin. Most people do just fine on for prevention on either a fluid immersion simulation (Dolphin) or low air loss (LAL) mattress. The latter can also be configured to turn the person.

    We used a lot of turning LAL mattresses for our higher injury patients who could not turn themselves for long term use at home, very successfully. Transfers are also much easier, as well as ADLs in bed, than in an air fluidized bed.


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    KDL, can you list some lal mattresses or overlays which your patients typically have at home? Female, T 5, sill in clinitron bed in ltac after flap surgery. Like to get most effective one, dont need turning help. Thank you

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    I worked for the VA, so we had a contract for Joerns LAL mattresses which were selected under that contract, some of which are not available to the non-VA public. This includes the Joerns TxCair, the TurnCair Plus (turning LAL), Joerns FlapCair, and also the Dolphin mattress (for which they are the distributor; not LAL, but significant pressure reduction).

    There are a number of competitors to Joerns who make good quality LAL mattresses, including Invacare, Sizewise, etc. We used to use the Invacare MicroAir 3500S which is comparable, but is no longer made. Closest to it in the Invacare line would be the Invacare MicroAIR True Low Air Loss Therapeutic Support Mattress Replacement with 1275 Blower. Others include the Drive Medical Harmony True Low Air Loss Tri-Therapy Mattress Replacement System, the ROHO SelectAir Low Air Loss Mattress System, the Sizewise Immerse, or the Joerns DermaFloat LAL.


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    I recently got a Drive Medical LS 9500 low air loss, lateral rotation mattress.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    Thanks to KLD and Alan. Both inputs very helpful, Rebecca

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