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Thread: LAL mattress with lateral rotation ideas

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    LAL mattress with lateral rotation ideas


    I'm C5 quadriplegia complete, with limited hand functionality. I'm planning to buy a good preventive mattress to help me stay alone at night.

    Going through this forum I'm inclined towards LAL (Low Air Loss) mattress preferably with Lateral Rotation because I can't turn myself. I don't sweat so honestly I'm not sure whether a LAL mattress would still benefit me the most.

    I think purchasing a used mattress will not work for me because I have no friends or resource to help me in case of frequent repair and issues. I'm planning to spend most of my savings on good mattress because skin intact is my priority.

    I have seen here good recommendation for TurnCair/CairTurn but these seems to be only available to VA/Government.

    I would prefer mattress that supports firm setting for ADL and also good to have battery backup on event of power-outrage. I did some research and I have found following seemingly good mattresses:

    DermaFloat LAL from Joerns
    Dolphin FIS from Joerns (not sure whether I would be able to afford this)
    Synergy Air Elite from Hill-Rom
    Isolibrium from Stryker
    Rotate from Sizewise
    microAir MA95Z from Invacare
    All in One from Arjo (seems to requires relatively frequent maintenance)

    Another option I'm thinking about is to use a turning bed frame like Citadel from Arjo and place any good LAL mattress like Nimbus (formerly Pegasus) from Arjo on the top. I'm not sure whether this would be as efficient as a turning mattress itself but however it allows me to choose from a wide range of mattresses.

    Please help me choose a good and efficient mattress. I appreciate your time and help.


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    From my own foray into the matter that Dolphin mattress I hear is the holy grail, but you'll have to be able to afford the holy grail in order to buy this mattress. Silly expensive.
    The Micro Air got good feedback for the $5,000 Invacare asks.
    I have same skin concerns and sought after the Mason Air LS9500, as it has Lateral Rotation feature at a $2,600 price (just for mattress)
    I saw it offered by a few DME's on the Medicare site for my area. Supposed to be covered 80% under Medicare Part B under Group ll support surfaces for those qualifying with 2 or more Stage 2 or worse.
    What a scam, a company, Universal Medical (Dusara) stated these require an upcharge; in my case it was $1,800 for this mattress. Think about it: If the uncovered portion is 20% copay, which they claim is $1,800 that means the vendor is charging Medicare for the 80% balance.
    $1,800 is 20% of $9,000 which must be the value the vendor claims the $2,600 mattress to be. Therefor they're charging Medicare $7,200 for the same $2,600 item. A tidy rip-off
    Instead, the only mattresses provided under Medicare coverage are the cheap LAL.
    I ended up with the same LS9500 for a minimal cost found on Craigs.
    Albeit, the full likelihood that another human actually died while on the mattress I'm now using has been a bit unnerving, I have to look past it.

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    The Dolphin is not available in a turning configuration. None that I know of (pretty much your list) have battery back up.


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    That's right, the mattresses I think draw too much power for any kind of battery currently, though I'm sure it could be done for any motor these days.

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