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Thread: TiLite TR Series 3 wheelchair with Smartdrive and Roho Adjustable Back

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    Thumbs up TiLite wheelchair plus smart drive 4 Sale

    If you're anywhere in the Lambertville New Jersey area you should come see this custom-made Ti- Lite wheelchair plus SmartDrive for sale. Serial # 11940112. It comes with two Roho cushion's and new tire pump! This was a custom made wheelchair for a friend who used it for approximately 1 1/2 to 2 years before he passed away. Asking $5,200 for the wheelchair, smart drive and accessories. Also, front small wheels light up with multi-colors when chair is moving!

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    Can I ask, why are you selling the chair? Especially two years later. Can't you donate it?
    Maybe I'm way out of line for saying that, or I don't know the whole story.
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    Hello, I could do 2000 not including shipping for the SmartDrive since it is used and 3000 for the chair but I can't ship it and it will be a local pick up.

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    I am interested in the smart drive. Do you know what version it is? mx1 (the buttons are only on the battery pack), mx1+ (there are remote buttons that attach to the sides of the wheelchair), mx2 (there is no seperate battery pack, there is a wrist band to control it), or mx2+ (brand new model)

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    Sure, when? I just saw this posting is I'm new to the site. I'm not sure and 50 off the wheelchair also.

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    I don't how to do this but if you send me your email I can email them to you.

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    It is unwise to publicly post your e-mail address, mailing address, or phone number on a public forum like this. Please use either the PM feature, or turn on your e-mail contact in your own profile for someone to contact you more securely. Thanks.


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