This wheelchair was specially made for a good friend of mine who passed away and he used it for approximately two years. It has all the paperwork with the dimensions in it but I can say that it has a custom seat depth of 18 inches, 2 roho cushions in good shape, seat width
og 17 inches and a seat height of 20". Standard foot rest are at 17.5 inches and it comes with adjustable collapsible handles in the back and Micro casters that light up and frog legs suspension forks. He used the smart drive to help him when he got tired or needed to go up ramps. I'm not sure I can find the charger for the SmartDrive but that is of minimal cost compared to the smart drive itself which ran $6400.00. If you don't know what a smart drive is there's a lot of YouTube videos on it to show how helpful it is when you get tired or going up ramps!