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Thread: Anyone tried ketamine?

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    Anyone tried ketamine?

    Been diagnosed with Lavator Ani syndrome...aka burning butthole syndrome...Been mostly bed bound for nearly 2 years now. When I sit in my chair, within 15 mins the rectal pain is so bad it triggers a full blown AD episode forcing me to transfer back onto my alt. air bed. Even in the bed I'm in constant pain despite being on Oxy. Looking into pudendal nerve surgery as 2 CT guided spinal nerve blocks did no good for this relentless burning-seering w/ cucumber up the ass neuro pain. Me n the doc are battling my ins co. to get them to cover ketamine/lidocain/gabapenten compounded ointment...~$1200 a month! Anyone here use it or tried it?

    How about oral ketamine?
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    my experience was that ketamine is the best as far as knocking down all pain. it was pretty much instantly gone. but it only lasted 5 minutes at most. so it was a constant re-dosing situation. ketamine also required frequent adjustments to the amount needed. also, after repeated use ketamine stops working at all. for me this was after about 3 weeks. to top it all off ketamine never worked, at all, again. so i would say that ketamine had the pain ending effect, while it worked, that i had hoped for. it was also the closest thing to a junkie lifestyle i had based on the continual redosing. i was in europe at the time staying with someone who had access to lozenges through a dr there and i was able to get treatment. they were not meant as a treatment alone but rather as a anti-flare up/breakthrough type drug. one would be prescribed a pain medicine as primary and then one as for breakthrough and also ketamine that was suppose to be taken right at the point of breakthru pain along with the breakthru med. the theory being that yhe ketamine offers instant relief while the other slower breakthru is starting to take effect, once it had taken effect there was no further need for additional ketamine at that time. taken in this fashion one would take no more than 3 lozenges a day. if taken this way perhaps ketamine would have different long term results, i don't know.

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    Ever tried Lyrica? It worked great for me
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    yeah...its under consideration as a 'flare up' remedy...been reading up...found some interesting info on ketamine for neuro pain from a doc thats been working with it for 10 years now...also published on it.

    Yea...tried lyrica n neuronton luck...
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