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    Knobby Tires

    Good evening everyone. I apologize ahead of time if this has already been covered elsewhere. I've searched and looked around but couldn't find anything.

    Im interested in purchasing 24" knobby tires for my spare set of Spinergy LX's. What size tire will work for me ? I know it has to be 24", but what about the width of the tire ? How wide can I actually go ?


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    I have Kenda Nevegal tires 24" x 2.1". I really like them. They are on my Spinergy SPOX

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    FWIW I have a set of Kenda 50-540 HP 24 X 2 on Spinergy LX. Ah, wear gloves.
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    +2 for the nevegals, I'm on my second pair
    and yep, wear gloves ��

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    As others have mentioned, you can go as wide as 2.1" on a standard rim. But it will affect the spacing between the tire and wheelchair back hardware and you might have to space your wheels further out. And if your handrims are short tab you may have trouble grabbing them in the same way.

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