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Thread: My New QM-710 Power Chair

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    Smile My New QM-710 Power Chair

    After starting the process to getting this power chair around this time last year. I finally received it on October 10th of last year. I got a big surprise when I found out that I owed no co-pay on it just as it been when my first power chair arrived right after my birthday in 2001. My insurance covered for the whole cost. Especially since they only had to pay for the power chair itself as I had planned to transfer the seating system from my old power chair onto my new one. This helped a lot because Medicare would deny paying for my new power chair, and new seating system. I'm five months into using my new power chair, and I have a lot of wonderful things to say about it. First off. The Spider-Trac suspension. I have the latest Spider-Trac 2.0 version, and it makes for a much smoother ride than what I had experienced in my old power chair.

    I also love the retractable mount on my joystick controller. It makes pulling up to a table much easier. My old power chair didn't have this feature. I also love my foot board, and how it flips up out of the way when I need it to. My seating specialist mimicked what I originally had on my old power chair with the armrests. So, I didn't get the armrest I had wanted. But, that was no big deal.

    No hissing sound as some people have told me that could come from the suspension as far as I could tell. The only time I had to have the service technician come out for my power chair was to bring in the side wings on my back to better support me. The two things I don't like about the power chair is 1) Leaves, and other debris from the sidewalk can get caught up in between the shroud, and suspension joints. I've had to be careful getting my hand up in there to clean out the leaves, and debris. The other thing is that part of the back part of the seating is open exposing the battery to rain. It hasn't caused any major problems for my power chair yet. But, I'm thinking of putting a piece of plastic over it to protect the batteries. They're gel-cell.

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    Nice review! So glad you like it!!
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    Thank you. It was perfect timing when i finally got it on the day it was delivered because my primary insurance was going to expire in November last year, and I would be left with just Medicare. I'm excited to see what the next 12 to 13 years will be like with it.

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