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Thread: Handcycle Mirror?

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    Handcycle Mirror?

    All posts I could find about this are 5-6 years old. I'm looking for a mirror that will attach to the footrest bars that won't move around when hitting bumps in the road (don't want ones that attach to glasses/helmet). If the only option is one that slides into the end of a handlebar, I could put it into a piece of tubing but am not sure where to find a clamp that I could attach it with (like a brake clamp for a wheelchair)? If that makes sense...

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    I use a Blackburn bar end mirror. It's the best as it can be tightened down and no vibration at all. I have a double clamp, like a brake clamp, with one end attached to the footrest and other on a bar that the mirror slides onto. A person could also use radiator clamps to hold the bar.

    I've used this system since the late '70's on my bikes.

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    What type of handcycle are you using? Every footrest mounted one I have tried I couldn't visually focus on very well. The road vibrations shook it just enough that I couldn't get an easy sight. I have one attached to the top of the crank on my Force X. It is shaped similar to this one: (

    I'm not sure if I have the exact same model, but that's the shape of mine, with it placed in a vertical position.

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    Here's mine folded in. You really have to tighten it down to stop any vibration. I don't have mine vertical but is horizontal. I'm riding a Feedom Ryder FRH-1 but have used them on all my 14 plus Top Ends and custom H/C since the late '70's.

    The Top Ends had seat rails so I attached them there.
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    Thanks for the replies, I have a frh-1 like Patrick (same color too I like the way you have yours setup. I'm having a hard time finding a double (brake) clamp that isn't $50+. Can these be found anywhere reasonably priced? Would probably be cheaper if I could find one that isn't made for a wheelchair.

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