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Thread: red place on side of toe and foot

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    red place on side of toe and foot

    yesterday notice a red place by little toes and a bony area on side of foot that leg flop on the right when laying down I kept shoe of and made sure it did not touch the side of chair slept with it partially off bed not to put pressure on it looked good
    next day put shoe on hung it off at night but a little red this am

    as its protrudes away from foot was thinking of cutting a hole in shoe so no pressure on the side where bony part is

    no broken skin but .....
    what is ur ideas

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    I have had the big toe bone sticking out and got red for a couple years. It came about after a leg fracture and leg healed a little shorter and crooked.

    It would drive me nuts at night giving AD/ sweats if it touched anything. For the last 3-4 years I have been putting Duo Derm (the thickest one) on it and makes a big difference. I have gone to podiatrist about it and she is satisfied with way I am managing it. says I can't got to wound clinic because skin is not broken ( that's the way I want to keep it)
    I look for duo derm on eBay . I put it on and usually lasts about 2 weeks through showers, etc.

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    It might be to your advantage to get a pair of therapeutic shoes or a brace - You have pressure areas on your our feet that need to be addressed. A consult to a professional orthotist or prosthetist could either brace your foot during the day or provide a brace to prevent further breakdown


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    thank you I will see about that Monday as I want to nip it in bud this am just a real light pink gonna baby it til I can see 1

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