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Thread: Invacare mariner shower chair

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    Invacare mariner shower chair

    Does anyone have an Invacare mariner shower/commode chair?

    I've been told that the rear wheel bearings are not meant to come out and that one replaces the whole unit (bearings and wheel) together. Seems like overly expensive way to remedy the situation. Shower chair bearings take a beating. But it does look like they could be punched out and replaced.

    If anybody has done this what size of the bearings? It looks like 1.25 OD and .5 ID.

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    OH MAN, that was my first shower chair... What a piece of shit
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    I have a different chair, an Activeaid model 624 SS. It had rusted out rear wheel bearings within a year. These were R8 (0.5 x 1.125 x 0.3125) They were not easy to remove but it went OK using a long drift and a carefully chosen socket that just fit through the wheel's bore. If yours are similar, any mechanic can do it. After replacing mine twice, I bought stainless steel bearings.

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