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    Hey guy's I'm Sean A.K.A. the Angry Quad. I'm a big believer in strengthening to TAKE back ability.....
    What are you doing for UTI'S?

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    I take 1000 of Vitamin C to try and keep my urine acidic and drink a lot of fluids.

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    Also, I had a Sphincterotomy about 25 years ago and have used a condom catheter since.

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    Cranberry juice or pills plus I recently started apple cider vinegar and I think it has helped. There's an organic brand called Suja ( that makes some decently enjoyable drinks. Sometimes I just pull out the shot glass though and down a straight shot and chase with cranberry juice.

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    While Vitamin C is not going to hurt you, if you had a sphincterotomy, then with the constant flow of urine, you are merely acidifying the urine in your leg bag. There is conflicting evidence as to whether or not Vitamin C helps, but it definitely needs to be in the bladder at least 4 hours.

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    I took cranberry supplements for probably 20 years. Recently, as my bottle of capsules was running low, I decided to stop taking them. That was over a month ago, and I don't notice any difference at all. I do, however, take a 1000 mg tablet of vitamin C once a day. Manage my bladder with a supra pubic catheter, so maybe I am just acidifying the urine in my leg bag as well. Hmm. I've taken extra vitamin C since the pronouncements of Linus Pauling regarding megadoses of vitamin C.

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    I also take the cranberry supplements and drink alot of fluids. I havent had a uti in 3 years. The last one i had back then was horrible and they said I was on the verge of it going septic and I dont think I have ever felt that bad in my entire life!

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    Please do not get me wrong - if what you are doing works for you, than who I am to knock it? I am only trying to let you know what the evidence states. All of these supplements cost $$ and not everyone has extra.

    I am hesitant to endorse any supplements, due to lack of evidence or anything to back there use. Anecdoctally, many people report positive results. You need to balance your decision between fact and reported results.

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