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    Pain meds

    Ok just wanted to get other people's info on pain meds. So I'm para t5 and have bad nerve, burning and just other weird painss that's hard to discribe most of it below my injury level but I take hydrocodone 10/325 3 times a day and it helps but only for a short amount of time and really doesn't take away the pain but helps me go about my day . My real question is what do you guys take that helps for severe pain but for long terms I'm sick of being in so much pain that I don't or can't do anything

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    Only thing that touches my nerve pain is valium.
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    Vicoden has acetaminophen (tylenol) which will mess up your liver. I tried a lot of different things and a combo of methadone and valium keeps the edge off the pain and allows me to function.

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    900 mg gabapentin 3 times daily
    10/325 as needed (between 0 and 5 per day)
    happy hour at 5ish

    My burning electrical shocking pain ranges from 0 - 11

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    I would ask for extended release of oxycontin or something similar. They typically last 8 hours the dose would depend on the amount of pain coverage. Typically if you take 10 of percs it would be 60 or 50 mg oxy's it sounds like a lot but it only releases a certain amount of medication a day. I know a lot about pain meds. Para post 24 years chronic pain. For the first time in 24 years finally getting pain relief. I have a baclofen pump that doubles as pain pump. I take low doses of hydromorphine 7 times stronger than morphine . I take 10-325 of percs like you for break through pain. Without it i can't function. I hate taking pain meds but without it I would take myself out. Pain level 1 to 10 with out it is a 10.

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    Thanks for the replys everyone! I'm really not tryin to start taking harder prescription drugs but I do take Valium but very low dose for spasms and it does help a little for the pain but not much. I also tried the gabapentin but felt it did nothing. I kinda don't know where to go from here especially since pain doctor treats people like drug addicts cus they don't understand how I'm in pain if I can't feel past a level, so I get worried asking to try other things because I don't want them to take away my hydros cus that's all I have to make me feel ok enough to do anything I just really wish they lasted longer or something similar that last longer.

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    Neurontin/gabapentin for central a.k.a. burning pain. 10/325's take the edge off for me but I also have a baclofen pump that has some fentanyl in it which helps out a little. Not sure where I'd be without it. I know my spasms would be me bedbound. I had to have the pump removed eight or nine years ago from an infection and my spasms were so bad that just moving my arms would clench my fingers and make my legs spasm really hard. On a rare note that gets bad enough where I take a Xanax to curb the anxiety that comes with the pain
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    How much gabapentin did you used to take?

    Often people don't increase the dose high enough without giving up on it.

    Do you have a physiatrist or a pain specialist helping you? Someone really knowledgeable about neuropathic pain? Because hydrocodone is not the right, most effective medicine for burning neuro pain.

    My Dad is on

    gabapentin 800mg 4 times per day
    cymbalta 60mg once per day
    Hydrocodone/tylenol 15mg/650 mg once or twice per day
    tramadol 100mg once per day (not typical to take this at the same time as hydrocodone, but it helps for him)

    Gabapentin and Cymbalta are the main neuropathic pain meds here.

    And when pain is bad, my Dad slaps a soft cold pack on the area, and often that helps more than meds for bad burning pain.

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    the anti convulsants should be aded to your pain meds, but dont let any docotor tell you that hydrocodone doesnt work for nerve pain since it definitely works
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