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Thread: Catheter Insertion difficulty

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    Catheter Insertion difficulty

    I intermittent cath and some days I have difficulty inserting my catheter and other days it goes fine using surgilube. On the bad days it seems like my urethra dries out so much and this causes the problem. Not sure what causes it to dry out so much where I cannot insert the catheter. It definitely helps when by bowels move and can get a little urine the urethra to help the insertion process. Thinking about skipping days taking my oxybutinin tablets to see if this might help get a little urine in the urethra. Anyone else ever have this issue?
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    About where in the insertion process are you having this problem? Right away or further up?

    I've tried Surgilube and don't like it as well as some other lubricants. I think Surgilube is too liquid. I like a lube that is thicker, something like Pro Advantage by NDC. Pro Advantage stays were you put it.

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    Have you tried hydrophilic catheters? They insert a lot easier than the regular straight tip catheters. If you want to try a sample pack of 12 for free. Here's the link to my website to try them out no cost for shipping nothing. Good luck. Nick Mireles

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    It's normally about 4 to 5 inches in. Today is the first time in 32 years I have not been able to get the catheter in. I have tried twice. I have tried a couple of different lubricants including Pro Advantage. Had many issues with it so I went back to Surgilube which works best for me. Never tried hydrophilic but will give them a try. Thanks for the website.

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    Do you sit in your chair when you go? I ask because I've had this problem, too and I sat in my chair to go. Now I transfer onto the toilet seat and that really alleviates the problem for me. Do you ever bring up a little blood after your failed attempt?
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    I've had this issue happen frequently. It may be stool pressing up against the prostrate or, an enlarging prostrate. The viscosity of the lubrication can also cause difficulty passing the cath. Another factor is the size and diameter of the cath.
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    Yes, I sit in my chair when cathing. I never had any blood. Today it seemed harder to insert catheter the first 4 inches but couldn't get any further than that. Finally did the bowel movement thing and got the urine in the urethra and was able to insert catheter. Not sure what I would have done if there wasn't stool to pass and get the urine in urethra. This has happened off and on different times but was the worse today.

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    I reduced the size of my cath and found it alot easier after that.. I'm now using FR 12 all the time and keep a couple of FR 10 as backups. Can usually get a few samples of the different sizes.

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    I'm the opposite: when I had difficulty with insertion I found that increasing the Fr size from 14Fr to 15Fr helped, because the 15Fr was stiffer. But that was with red rubber type, which are floppier than the silicone kind most people use.

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    I had the same issue (bad) when changing my indwelling foley...before my urostomy. Doc said that my pain meds effect on the bladder sphincter may have been the cause...dunno if ur on pain meds or not. My utis were back to back to back so I got an ileal conduit urostomy...
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