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Thread: Is this normal??

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    Nice pics. Nice dog, too !! ;p
    IMHO, your knees are too low, because your feet aren't high enough. You must find a solution to fix that. Foam blocks Velcro-ed on your footplate, as Triumph suggests, seems to be a good idea. Maybe you can put one block under each foot, it could allow you to attach the FreeWheel in the middle ?

    Quote Originally Posted by heartdog View Post
    the one wheel doesn't touch the ground completely when I am out of it.
    this is the sign of a frame out of alignment (or bent, but another time it's very difficult to bend a titanium frame)
    To fix that, you must loose the bolts on each side of your footplate, and the footplate itself (mark one tube with a pencil to find your fitting after that). All the rig must be very loose, and the tubes must slide freely. It can help to twist your chair it many directions, you can put a small amount of grease on the footplate tubes, you can also unscrew the camber bar.
    After that, check your wheels. They should all touch the ground. If yes, you can thight all the screws slowly by 1/4 turn and on a cross pattern (Am I clear ?) It should be OK.
    If your wheels aren't all on the ground, there's a problem. But you can try to solve it by putting enough weight on the chair to make the wheels touch, and then screwing the bolts.

    The angle-adjustable footplate is a hassle when you want to use a FreeWheel. I have the same. I had to drill 2 holes trough the adjustable part, and to bolt it definitely (!)
    The FreeWheel has a big arm leverage effect on the footplate, and to be sure of the rig you should buy (?) the non adjustable one.
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    So I found one temporary solution. I changed my shoes from Chucks to Docs. LOL the heel height puts my feet where I want them for the most part. However, the whole chair just doesn't feel right. I'm SOL by this point, I'm sure. I even emailed the head of TiLite/Permobil, and am being ignored so far. The DME won't do anything, since they only took the money. I was measured there, but photos were sent to TiLite for review to insure I got the right fit. I feel out of options, and it sucks. I can't get another chair with Medi-cal either, cuz they only pay for my power chairs. I doubt badmouthing on social media will help my case, but it's tempting heh.
    The worst part is that footrest being too low has exacerbated my pressure sore area. Non-healing tunnel that's got a teeny opening, been keeping it that way for years, but now it's abscessing
    The regional rep I'm sure did what you mentioned, as he was looking into it being off balance. He didn't admit it, but it does sound like that's the issue. Been through two footrests now. I definitely won't do angle adjustable again Thank dog for the Freewheel!

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