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Thread: New wheelchair through insurance

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    New wheelchair through insurance

    I got a new rigid wheelchair 3 years ago that I use only in my house through my health insurance at work. I am now on Medicare and would like to get a new folding chair so I can use when I am outdoors and traveling to load in and out of my vehicle. Does anyone know if Medicare will cover a new folding chair or will they look back at my medical records and see that I had gotten a new rigid chair 3 years ago with another health insurance and say I recently had gotten a new wheelchair. I have heard you can get one every 5 years at certain places so wasn't sure how this worked since this was gotten through another health insurance.
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    You probably can get a new chair through Medicare, but don't plan to have your justification based on use OUTSIDE your home. Medicare plainly states in their regulations that they pay for wheelchair ONLY for use inside your home, and it is not obligated to purchase a chair for the purpose of or with features designed for use outside the home, long distances, etc. etc. etc. Sucks, but that is the way their regulations are worded currently.


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    It might be easier to find a used chair on here, ebay, facebook, etc.
    Why can't you take your rigid chair in the car? There are lots of videos on U tube and descriptions on here for loading about any chair.

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