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Thread: 24th Anniversary

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    Thanks, everyone. I did have a happy 50th Wedding Anniversary back in November, and I did NOT discover that at the end of the day!! (I can tell 'cause I still have my testicles...)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Donno View Post
    Turned out to be just another day, I did not even realize until 9 pm when my wife said something about the date and I looked at my watch.
    Congratulation, I know what you mean, I had my 40th in February but now I can't even remember the exact day. Never thought that would happen but I think it's a good thing, it means I'm not dwelling on the past. Here's to the next forty. Cheers

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    20 hit me and started an escalation of worry. (I was 32 then). 25 I started to have failures with my bladder. The last ten years have progressively been worse with pressure sores, infection, osteo, prolapse of the uterus/bladder and now bowel, though I'm stable now that I've been off work for 3yrs. I'm 32yrs in as of the end of July 2017 ... you're just a young'un! lol

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