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Thread: Invacare Wheelchar motor sync

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    Invacare Wheelchar motor sync

    Hello Folks,

    My name is Pete, first time posting. I am hoping someone out there can help me. I have taken on repairing a wheelchair for a friend of a friend who has been fighting with his insurance for 6 months just to get his chair fixed! It only needed some minor work, like caster bearings, and oil seals in the gearboxes, other small stuff, but his insurance wouldn't pay (I don't know all the details). Anyhow, his friend asked me to help, and I'm taking care of it. Kind of a civic duty thing.

    My question has to do with the synchronizing of the motors. I took them off to do some troubleshooting, and noticed that they are clamped on with a band clamp and there are index marks 360 degrees all around the flange where they mount up. I don't know squat about this. Is there a synchro process I have to do? The motors don't have encoders so they're not technically "synchronous". They're just permanent magnet 4 brush DC motors that drive the gearboxes that move the chair. I don't know why it would even matter if they were out of synch with each other.

    I included a few pics, the bottom is the motor, showing the index marks. The middle is how it attaches to the gearbox, and the top is the clamp used to attach it.

    I'm kind of lost. can anyone help? Thank you very much!
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    I'm not familiar with Invacare but I'll bet they're is someone who knows over at: forum.

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    Thank you. I posted over there!

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