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Thread: Camper?

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    The Sunliner (not the trailer we had) had the toilet in the shower area and i believe a small sink in there as well. All enclosed with a privacy curtain. The door on the Sunliner was just wide enough for a chair and the lift was an under vehicle lift, a good application for a trailer because they have a lot of ground clearance. Unfortunately, the Pa company went out of business during the recession. The guy I knew who had this used a big Permobile power chair and lived in it full time.

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    Sportsmobile wave 4x4 van can get you wherever you want to go. Door looks wide enough.

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    It depends a lot on what you want to do and how strong you are.
    I'm a T6 70 years old, 35 years in the chair. I have a Fleetwood Flair. I crawl in (on a J Protector) haul my chair in and get back in the chair. Like someone else said, the outside door is the least of the problem. Getting to the bathroom and in the shower are more important. I've had the Flair for 26 years, because I can't find a replacement. Split, bathroom, counter tops that go across the aisle, etc. all suck. If you have a pile of money, someone will build you whatever you want. But then its usually something that's 40 feet long, that you can't park anywhere.
    Don't get a pop up camper, they suck even for able bodied people. Class A's are the best, because you don't have to get out to use the bathroom. Pull outs (the extensions on the sides), suck. Add width, so harder to find a place to park, and some you have to open the pull out, if you stop to eat lunch of want to use the bathroom.
    Look at floor plans and then go look at the real thing.

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    The Sportmobile is certainly at the top of the list. It's perfect for our environment and since i don't drive a ton it would also be a great day driver. Issue is kids and space camping. By kids (baldfatdad) i mean the constant necessity of getting things. Can't be hoisting myself every 20 minutes and a ramp, manufactured or improvised, is a lot faster. There are a lot of issues that will affect the final decision. Mostly the nexus of cost and fit but aimless hunting is exhausting.
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