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Thread: Seeing a Chiropractor after SCI

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    Some chiropractors (likely a minority) understand the limits of what they can offer and accomplish, the majority are chiropractic evangelical nut cases.
    ^^^ This. ^^^ The profession is by and large quackery and has no basis in medical science. There have been a fair number of cases of strokes being caused by dangerous chiropractic manipulations. People are better off getting a massage.

    I do understand that some feel better after seeing a chiro but people feel better after getting a massage too.

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    I've been seeing my chiropractor for about 9-10 months now and have noticed a big difference in how I feel. I feel less stiff and I don't wake up stiff. I would high recommend seeing a chiropractor.
    C-5, 6 SCI. Took about 6 months to walk. Walking full time. Without any assistance since Nov. 2003 and will make a full recovery

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    I also would be cautious seeing one. The right massage therapist might be a better option.

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