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Thread: Cooling clothing

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    Cooling clothing

    Hard to think about a time of year (at least in Northern Hemisphere areas) when it is too hot for people with SCI in March, but spring is well on its way with summer to follow.

    Because many people with SCI or MS don't sweat (or vasodialate) at all (or very little) below their level of injury in hot environments, staying cool in outdoor activities such as gardening, camping, or sports can be problematic.

    Some people have found the use of cooling clothing or vests helpful. We can use this thread to share products available, and give reviews about their use so that those looking forward to summer and perhaps purchasing products can make an informed choice.

    I found this new product today, and while you would have to dampen this with water for it to work for someone with SCI, it looks better than just wetting a regular Tshirt:

    Here are some other evaporative cooling devices:

    Some like the phase-change type cooling vests that are often used in industrial or military uses such as these. Some of these require freezing of the vests or replaceable packs prior to use. This can be problematic if you don't have ready access to a freezer (such as when camping) and they tend to work for only a few hours, but for some, these are the best products:

    There is a wide variation in how much these weigh, and price as well. Hopefully members who have used these products can help to guide those members who are interested in acquiring a product for the best results.


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    I know this is a SCI forum, but if any of you have MS, you can get the cooling vests for free.
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    IAm I just weird? I freeze all the time! Gloves year round, long sleeves pretty much year round. Summer when heat hits 100F I go out to get warm! Hardly ever sweat the last time remeber sweating alot was 3 years ago in winter when had pneumonia. When stopped sweating still high temp they said dehydrated.

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    Actually, Mike, people with SCI who don't sweat may not feel hot when they are in a high temperature environment, but they can still be at risk for heat stroke. I have had a least one client die from this (C6 injury). You need to be cautious spending a lot of time in the sun or in hot weather, because since you don't sweat (which has nothing to do with being hydrated or not) your body may not be able to regulate your core temperature in a safe range without you adding some kind of cooling measures.


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    Sci-Nurse, "Thank you!" It's just before back I was hot all the time and loved fall and even winter weather if not bad. I kinda understand what you posted about core temperature.
    My wife worries when I'm outside in heat. But, it does feel good to "feel" warm. But, have been warned about that core temp. What one my doctors called "internal themostat was broken" I don't stay outside much partly I blister badly and get like zapped/weak pretty bad.
    What really bothers me is my hands are always so cold, have wear gloves, winter they really freeze even with glove liners added.

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