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    Looking for friends

    Hi there!
    my name is jessica I'm 33, I live in the Bay Area, and I'm looking to meet people that have an sci, I'm a c5-c7 but present more like a t3-t4 . I am 5 years out, and have recovered somewhat well, as I'm able to use a walker at home ( I'm a little wobbly) but I'm getting there I'm still seeing recovery to this day. When I got injured I lost my friends for various reasons, I held on to hope all these years that they would come back into my life, but that never happened no matter how hard I tried to reach out to them, and honestly even if they had come back into my life I'm not sure the trust would be there because they left me in such a great time of need. I have sort of isolated myself for a number of reasons, and it's been really hard lately to be so isolated I haven't done many fun things these past five years, I've limited myself thinking I would wait for " tomorrow" to do the things I missed doing, and I'm ready to put that behind me and really start putting myself out there again and hopefully I could even have the opportunity to help someone else along the way, I don't have really any support from family there just not able to be there for me, so my fianc? and I are just kind of on our own trying to figure everything out and it's pretty much been that way from day one, it's just been pretty ruff lately because I'm really missing being social, as before the accident I was extremely social and active. I'm a very loyal person and I'd like to think I'm really great friend to have- in fact I know I am, I have a fianc? so I'm no looking for any kind of romantic relationship but I'm totally open to having male friends, but it would be really nice to meet a great girlfriend. I would love to get out and docadaptive recreational activities, so If you live in the Bay Area and would like to meet a new friend then send me and email and lets be friends. All love .
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