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    Looking for friends

    Hi there!
    my name is jessica I'm 33, I live in the Bay Area, and I'm looking to meet people that have an sci, I'm a c5-c7 but present more like a t3-t4 . I am 5 years out, and have recovered somewhat well, as I'm able to use a walker at home ( I'm a little wobbly) but I'm getting there I'm still seeing recovery to this day. When I got injured I lost my friends for various reasons, I held on to hope all these years that they would come back into my life, but that never happened no matter how hard I tried to reach out to them, and honestly even if they had come back into my life I'm not sure the trust would be there because they left me in such a great time of need. I have sort of isolated myself for a number of reasons, and it's been really hard lately to be so isolated I haven't done many fun things these past five years, I've limited myself thinking I would wait for " tomorrow" to do the things I missed doing, and I'm ready to put that behind me and really start putting myself out there again and hopefully I could even have the opportunity to help someone else along the way, I don't have really any support from family there just not able to be there for me, so my fianc? and I are just kind of on our own trying to figure everything out and it's pretty much been that way from day one, it's just been pretty ruff lately because I'm really missing being social, as before the accident I was extremely social and active. I'm a very loyal person and I'd like to think I'm really great friend to have- in fact I know I am, I have a fianc? so I'm no looking for any kind of romantic relationship but I'm totally open to having male friends, but it would be really nice to meet a great girlfriend. I would love to get out and docadaptive recreational activities, so If you live in the Bay Area and would like to meet a new friend then send me and email and lets be friends. All love .
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    This injury has flipped life upside down for me. Not in the bay area but just wanted to say that I understand. Friends have gone from hundreds to a couple. My career of 20 years is also gone. I don't really have much to say, and none of its that positive. Just wanted you to know you're not alone.

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    Thank you for replying, and I'm sorry about your loss with friends and your career, thank you for reminding me I'm not alone❤

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    Welcome to CareCure.

    Just wondering if you have reached out to the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of the United Spinal Association? This would be a good place to connect with others who have SCI and live close to you, both men and women:

    Additionally wheelchair/adaptive sports is a great place to connect and meet with others. Do you have any interests in such sports as wheelchair basketball, sled hockey, or lacrosse?? Swimming or sailing? There are groups in the Bay area involved in all of these and more.

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    Hi Jessica

    My name is John and have pretty much the same level of injury as you and my date of injury is about the same as well. I wish i live close to you because i have pratically no friends whatsoever, well i do go to Rancho Los Amigos wellness center to workout daily so i do have friends there but it's not the same, I am in the same boat as you lost most of all my friends, well my friends don't do the same thing as me anymore. Jessica you didn't mention what type of exercise you do but never stop working out, like i said I do have the same injury level as you and i have just about regained everything, i can swim, walk pretty good without a cane, drive without hand controls, i have even gained back bowel, bladder and even sex functions and i owe it all to our Loving God who has Blessed and healed me. I didn't start to walk until my 3 year post injury although my doctor said that after 2 years I wouldn't gain anymore function, I will never listen to any doctor regarding sci, i personally fell they have very little experience with spinal cord injury because they aren't the one injured, the are only giving advice from what they learn from other sci patients, everything they told me about my injury was wrong, this is just my experience. Again i wish i live near you so that we can be friends and go out and do silly things, i love to joke around and be silly. Remeber you are using a walker so you can only get stronger, please keep up what ever you are doing. When i get a chance i will post videos of all the things I am able to do again. One last thing, for 2 years after my injury i had no use of both legs and only 1 good arm, i sat in a wheel chair for years, i lost hope and fell into deep depression but after my 3rd year things started to come back with hard work, I will pray for you girl because God is Amazing and Good, just have Faith.
    john k

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    Welcome. And good for you being incomplete
    There's always something magic, there's always something true. And when you really, really need it the most, that's when rock 'n roll dreams come true. Meat Loaf

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    Where in the bay area? We use to live near walnut creek. Moved because the schools were so horrible back in the 90s. Also before my accident. At least you do not have to deal with the snow sloppy mess I have in Minnesota. Come in and chat with us, closes thing you will have for now as a friend. Hope you find someone close by.

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    Hi Jessica 415. Hope you find our little site useful and entertaining. Lots to see and learn here. Sounds like you have adjusted to your injuries well and have accepted the changes to your life. I too had a big shift in friends and socialization following my accident( T-11 crush injury from motorcycle vs auto that my wife and I survived back in 2009). This was mostly my choice though. I guess I just needed to start anew with all my activities. In any event, keep a good attitude up, eat proper and, keep moving. Our health is important of course. Feel free to call on me should you ever find the need. I'm an old man but, I still have all my senses and fairly good reasoning. We might have a few things in common and, I always enjoy meeting interesting people from other parts of the country.
    I refuse to tip toe through life, only to arrive safely at death.

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    Thank you so much for this message it is so inspiring !!!!

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    Thank you so much john for you message!!!

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