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Thread: Bowel tools/suppository inserter (unused- lol!) and sip/puff filters for postage

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    Bowel tools/suppository inserter (unused- lol!) and sip/puff filters for postage


    My son is gone and I have not been on here in some time. I had been locked out for quite a while.

    Anyway, I have a few things of his I hope someone can use or may want:

    I had purchased Therafin E-Z bowel stimulation tool and suppository inserter. If you want it I will mail it to you and you can reimburse me for shipping upon receipt. It's got a grey handle but looks like this:

    He also had some sip/puff switch mouth piece replacement filters (there is also a USB switch adapter, I don't know if that works, he used this as a mouse for his computer).

    If you want any of this please email me your address and I will send it. Then send me the postage from the label on the box.

    All his other things are gone and I don't want to give these to the thrift as it is unlikely they will go to anyone who can use them (can you imagine someone picking up the bowel care tools in a thrift store and saying "I wonder what this is?"

    The sip puff looks like this and there are 8 of them:

    If you have any questions please ask. I am at

    My best to you all. This place was a wonderful resource during a frightening and confusing time.

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    Still have 8 new in package sip puff filters. If anyone needs them pls contact me.

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